Learn to Swim - Pre-Teens

Pre-Teens Learn to Swim!

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An Endless Pool is an ideal place to teach kids the fundamentals of floating, gliding, kicking and basic freestyle and breaststrokes. 

We offer learn to swim classes as well as private lessons for 4-12 year olds. Classes are offered on Saturday mornings and are limited to 4 kids per class to offer more one-on-one guidance and instruction. The Endless dual lane pool provides a safe, private, and quiet learning environment. 
The 15 foot by 15 foot pool provides plenty of space to practice without the fear of going too far from the safety of the "edge". The pool is 4 1/2 feet deep with a safety edge around the entire pool that is 2 feet deep. If you have had limited success in a large public pool, or want to improve quickly, this program is the place for you. For more details on our year-round learn to swim schedule, please call the front desk for availability.

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